3 Little Pigs

3 Little Pigs

17/02/20 - 22/02/20

February half-term fun! From the team that brought you Roald Dahl's 'The Witches', 'The Twits' and 'The Boy Who Fell into a Book', Tip Top is proud to present this classic tale as you've never seen it before. Follow our Piggy friends as they discover what it takes to out-wit the wicked wolf and learn the value of being different and playing to your strengths. Recommended for ages 5 up to young teenagers and their families.

Production Team

Directed by Phil Cross

Times and Tickets

17/02/20 2pm

18/02/20 2pm

19/02/20 11am & 2pm
20/02/20 11am & 2pm

21/02/20 2pm & 5pm

22/02/20 2pm & 5pm

Run time yet to be confirmed

Tickets from £11


19th November 6.30pm. The Forum Studio Theatre.

Director Phil Cross is looking for a dynamic versatile cast of 4 willing to throw themselves into this collaborative, fun, whacky new production of 3 Little Pigs. 

All characters can be played by any gender. 18+. This is a family show and will be entertaining to 5+, their parents and their grandparents. Engaging with kids and moments of audience participation will mean that skills with children are essential for all actors. 

Harold pig - Harold is football crazy, football mad! Also a keen drummer and beat-boxer. Keepie-uppie skills are desirable but not essential, beatboxing talent to the front of the cue! The eldest of the piggies and therefore "The most cleverest and bestest"  

Hargreaves pig - Hargreaves is the middle pig. A gentler creature with a creative soul, who loves painting and yoga. Hargreaves has the habit of making up words much to the confusion of the siblings. Yoga skills desirable.

Henrietta pig - Clued in and switched on. Henrietta's bag is inventing, science and engineering and with skills like these, can easily outwit any dumb wolf. Strong willed and not easily frightened. The hero of our story. 

Wolf - The villain of the story or as the narrator would have us believe. Wolf has very different ideas and considers themself to be an entrepreneur in business. Will the wolf's biggest weakness - Bacon, ruin the business venture?

Offstage narrator - A reluctant, sometimes sarcastic voiceover, forever picking holes in the story.

Email philcross@tiptopproductions.co.uk for further details and to register your interest

Auditionees will need to be available for day time performances during February half-term week.

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