Boom Bang A Bang

28/11/19 @ 7pmBoom Bang A Bang

Every year, the Eurovision song contest is treated either with contempt or like Christmas, Easter and all your birthdays rolled into one. That’s certainly how it was for partners Lee and Michael, it was big party night! But this year, Michael isn’t there and Lee has to deal with it on his own. Some friends decamp to other parties and some just camp at Lee’s party. And, do they know how to do camp!

With all the laughs and giggles you can cope with, author Jonathan Harvey (Beautiful Thing, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Coronation St) also brings loss and loneliness into sharp focus in this blisteringly funny, heartbreakingly sad roller coaster of emotions.

The play will be performed at The Forum Studio Theatre in April 2020.


Lee – Liverpudlian. About 30 soft spoken and calm. The play hinges on him.

Wendy – Lee’s younger sister. Takes no prisoners!

Steph – Late 20’s early 30’s. Camp, cockney and gobby.

Roy - Early 20’s. Probably from Manchester originally. A “twink”

Tania – Late 20’s Fashionista and gobby Londoner.

Nick – Tania’s boyfriend about the same age. Slight northern accent. Described as “an actor often cast as a wife batterer”. But remember he’s an actor!

Norman – About 30. Lives in the upstairs flat. Probably a bit lonely. Described in the script as “an ugly Liverpudlian”. He’s not ugly, just a little bit different that’s all.

Auditions will take place at The Forum Studio Theatre. Enquiries and registrations of interest to director: