Keeping Up Appearances

01/03/20 @ 10.30amKeeping Up Appearances

The action is centered around a church hall where social climber, Hyacinth, is showing her new painting “Willows by Moonlight’ in the local art exhibition. At the same time, her long-suffering neighbour Emmet is directing a play for the local amdram company. He is determined to go to any lengths to keep Hyacinth away from the action, and she is equally determined to get a piece of it when she hears the part of Lady Melvern is yet to be cast. Battle commences!




Emmet, next door neighbour of Hyacinth, well spoken aged 40 – 50

Liz, his long-suffering sister who has to deal with both Emmet and Hyacinth, aged 40 – 55

Daisy, Hyacinth’s sister, who lives in a rather rundown council house in the town, aged 45-55

Onslow, Daisy’s husband, a slob in Hyacinth’s opinion, bodily fulsome, aged 45 – 60

Milly, a newly divorced gentlemen, somewhat lacking in confidence to begin with and new to the area age 40-50

Hyacinth Bucket, lady of the house, wonderful comedic role for someone aged 50-70

Rose, Hyacinth’s ‘glamorous’ younger sister, man mad, aged 30-40

Mrs Debden, formidable chair of the local charity committee, aged 50+

Daddy, father to Hyacinth and the others, small and non-speaking part but wonderfully comedic, aged 70+


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