Play at Chester theatre

I can’t make it, can I get a refund or an exchange?

We do not offer refunds except in the most exceptional of circumstances. We can exchange your tickets for another performance of the same show provided there is availability. If you have booked for a show that is only on for one night then we are unable to make an exchange. You can however give your tickets to someone else.

Can I change my booking?

If you want to add extra seats, change the location of your seats or make other changes to your booking you will need to call us. We are happy to make changes to your booking subject to availability.

I’ve lost my e-ticket/ didn’t receive it. What shall I do?

Don’t worry. If you have some sort of confirmation email from our box office service ‘positickets’ or from paypal, this will suffice. If you have no documentation at all and are sure you know which date and time you have booked for then just make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes before the show and we can find your booking on our system and seat you correctly. If you can’t find your ticket and you aren’t sure which date and time you have booked for please call us to confirm.

Chester theatre production

What time should I arrive at the theatre?

At least 15 minutes before the performance start-time stated on your ticket. This will allow you to find and get settled in your seats and buy a drink or snack if you wish. Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. In some cases this might be the interval, or not at all.

How long is the show?

Run times will be published on the website production page when possible. They’re not always known until opening night.

Is the show suitable for children?

Depends on the show - see the production page for any details of age restrictions or recommendations.

Can I bring a baby/toddler and do I need to pay for him/her?

Some productions have an age restriction, others have recommendations. If this is the case and you believe the production is suitable for your little one that’s fine. If he or she is up to the age of 2 and does not need a seat of his or her own then there is no need to pay for one. Once they reach the age of 2 and/or need their own seat then you must buy one.